Cold Press



  • Detox body

  • Diminish cravings

  • Rest digestive organs

  • Improve sleep quality 

  • Boost Immune system 

  • Increase mental clarity 

  • Feel lighter physically and emotionally 

  • Natural glow to skin, hair, nails, and appearance (day 3) 

  • Delivers highest quality nutrience on a cellular level to the body 

Deep Internal Cleanse

Five Day







24 Hour


One Day








5 Organic cold pressed juice blends

1 Milk

1 Immunity booster


25 Organic cold pressed juice blends

5 Milks

2 Immunity boosters


15 Organic cold pressed juice blends

3 Milks

1 Immunity booster

1 Elderberry shot


Great way to boost immunity and kick start a healthy eating style 

Noticeable differences in gut health, sleep quality, and appearance of healthy glowing skin, hair, and nails. 

Deep internal says it all. Discover the benefits of a healthy gut and rested digestive system. Including better mood, diminished cravings, and mental clarity. 

Add Ons

Cold Press blend: $9     Milk: $5     Shot/ Booster: $2.50    


Working with Moon Shot Juice Co has been wonderful. I have been offering their detox

seasonally to my patients since the fall of 2019. Their detox package is awesome! 5 delicious

juices and 1 flavored milk with collagen protein means you are more likely to feel amazing

while doing this balanced detox than another detox that has fewer juices and no fat or protein

content offered. I call it a feast for my patients because it is not about calorie restriction or

deprivation but about getting as many nutrients as possible in to your system without having to

digest food (which uses up a ton of your body’s energy each day). Knowing the juice is cold

pressed, organic and made to order means you are getting practically all of the nutrients the

produce has to offer; very little is lost. The juices have all been super tasty too! Moon Shot Juice

Co works really hard to make sure you are getting not only a nutritious, but a delicious juice

blend. For them I think it is more than just juice, it is for health and for the love of a healthy


- Dr. Jasmine Manning N.D.

Kathy Moffitt is an expert in juice Mixology!!! Her juices are always so refreshing and you can feel your health improving with each sip that you take. The flavors Are fresh and complex as she combines the different ingredients  to create a symphony of flavors in your mouth!  And it’s all 100% organic! Give yourself the gift of health and try some for yourself

-Barb K

 I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse! But I never felt comfortable asking a seller about the options made easily available to me and asking ALL of the questions I had about the cleanse; that is until I met Kathy of Moon Shots! I know that might sounds silly, but I had a LOT of questions & I have an allergy to coconut and mango which made many other juice options unavailable to me, as a lot of the options found online use Coconut Water in them with no substitution readily available. Kathy made the adjustment in her recipe easily and did so without compromising the integrity of her product. 

First off, the juices are delicious - like out of this world, each sip makes you feel like you’re laying on a beach in Cabo delicious. You can taste how fresh they are (even on the third day!) & the nut milk was the perfect end to each day and I love that you get to pick the flavor! 

I love that Moon Shots juices are cold-pressed, making sure the enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables stay intact. 

I loved my results and experience doing my 3-day-cleanse and can’t wait to do another one soon!

-Ashley A

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